It’s Funny How – Emotional Roller Coasters



It’s funny how – when you’re on an emotional roller coaster, you know you can choose to step off at any time – and friends will prod you to – but no matter how sick you feel, you hang on for the ride… for just a little bit longer. And then – eventually, by your own doing or someone else’s – you either jump off or get thrown off.


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  1. Of course! We step off when we we have had enough…even when you are thrown off, it doesnt have the same effect as stepping off on your own. Being thrown off leaves long lasting damage, and you try to figure out what went wrong with the ride….when you step off, you know that you have had enough of that ride and will never ride again!


  2. As a guy, it’s kinda hard to relate, but I get the drift. Men tend to not get too caught in emotional roller coasters.


  3. I get your point and there’s some truth to it (good amounts of it). And I didn’t say men don’t get emotional. It’s just that you cannot compare men to women on emotional topics and say that men are just as.


  4. Alrighty then. I’m in!! Us as men do have emotions. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t. The thing is this like you said we don’t show it (in the case of crying or being hurt). Every man in some time of his life had cried. Most of the time like I said to where no one can see. Now for the rollercoaster. If a man truly loves a woman, and I mean truly loves her with all his heart. he can be affected if she is taking him for a ride.


    • @Lamonte- In this day and time, guys shouldn’t be TRULY loving women with all their heart unless they’ve put the girl through every obstacle possible to see if she really loves him or not.

      The problem with average men and dating is that they (men) get too carried away with love opposed to seeing how things go.


      • I like the part about putting “the girl through every obstacle possible.” Now I see why there are so many asshole men out there. They subscribe to that logic! LOL. And there’s no shortage of women who accept this form of emotional abuse. Thanks for making that point.


        • Lol but it’s logical though!

          I remember a while ago, I’d written an article where I said that women are ultimately responsible for dead-beat dads. Reason being is that if women were to take their heads from up their asses and SCREEN the men they date (when they first meet), then they would have chosen decent men. But women chose with emotions opposed to logics and good qualities in the man. While men chose by looks opposed to quality.


          • Of course. I’m pretty good at recognizing those assholes too. To your other point, true – women should be more discerning about who they choose to father children. I would add that a lot of women have children in their twenties before we develop that discernment and wisdom (if we haven’t been taught). Then you’re stuck in a parenting relationship with someone you don’t like.


            • I’m not quite sure if I’d agree with you on the age of discernment. But it ultimately comes down to the argument that we had on my blog: women being illogical when it comes to matters of love, sex and dating.

              A typical girl will chose to date an asshole whom she knows is terrible for him, while she shuns and rejects the guy whom she knows is good for her and would be a perfect dad. Sure there’s a discernment problem, but this transcends age. A women in her 40’s will still make such a mistake. Maybe not in pregnancy situations (since menopause is facing her), but of whom to date.


            • I agree with your point Meka.. I was young and inexperienced with choosing a father for my child. I fall victim to that. Lamont’s point about women choosing the dad, well let’s say it didn’t happen a second time. I learned from that first experience. It will not be happening again. I deserved to be loved by a great man. I hate the roller coaster crap. There should be no roller coasters esp. if one have been best friends with the significant other for about a decade. Daggone men lol


    • Thanks! Your comments are always sincere and insightful. Agreed.


  5. I’m from the old school. Whenever I comment I speak the truth. There is a thing called discernment. When a man gets involved with a woman, he wouldn’t have to put her through a “guy test”. I guarantee. well at least with me, whatever you want to know if she is playing games or sincere, you will know.


    • This is true. Part of that discernment comes from experience. As far as men who put women through the ringer/ obstacle course on purpose, I call that emotional abuse and I don’t tolerate it. I write men like that off as assholes (which they are) and keep it moving. Nexxxttt!!!


  6. I can definitely relate to this post. Everyone has a moment in life where something is so good to you, but it is so wrong for you that you keep going after it, playing with fire, until someone gets hurt. Its easier said than done, but its like having tunnel vision and not wanting to see outside things going on.


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    One of the best things about being single is not having this feeling…


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