A Gap in Time

As a creative, Iā€™m a bit strange. I record things. Thoughts, ideas, moments of elation ā€“ and moments where Iā€™m seeking clarity. Most of the time, these notes are solely for myself ā€“ unless I shape them into a blog… Read More ›


Are we past the halfway mark for summer in the states already? Noooo. Anyway, I have a birthday in 11 days! Yayyy! Excited actually. I see myself on a sunset dinner cruise with LB, feeling lots of joy and happiness… Read More ›

I’m Happy

Happy Sunday! Oh, and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads! Aren’t there countless reasons to be happy? I’ll rattle off a few of mine, in no particular order. I have a team who supports me day in and day… Read More ›