I met this guy who tells me at least five times a day that I’m controlling. I say, if he can’t handle it, doesn’t appreciate it, or feel that my character is too flawed – he should have several seats.

Basically, I lost patience with him. Told him, “run when you see big red flags.” (And if you’re hell-bent on getting to know me, take it down about ten notches.)

Because I’ll tell you what. I won’t let ANYONE aggravate the hell out of me if I can control it by giving them the axe. Bye!

This is not a denial about my bossiness.

(There’s a certain type of man that makes me melt. It ain’t him.)

Choose your friends and relationships carefully. If you find yourself constantly complaining about someone you just met, reconsider giving them a role in your life.

Who needs stress and aggravation?

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31 thoughts on “Bossy

  1. Like you said, you will get in line for the right dude. Unfortunately, a lot of men are just not ready to be leaders so they tell women they’re controlling. If he stepped to you on some leadership shit, you wouldn’t be controlling. You’re only going to get what you allow.

  2. Only a weak man can say a woman is controlling. It takes a certain kind of man to be with a strong/independent woman and if you are in your feelings all of the time about me “being controlling” you are worried about the wrong thing mister hmph. I agree with “The Reemachronicles” 100%.

    • Yes girl. He got the axe. Was definitely in his feelings. My take is that he is insecure and emotionally abusive. I’m not here for that sh^t. If you’re bringing out the worst in me (feeling to cuss you out), we can’t be friends. I’m choosy. Nexxtttttt!!!

        • Yea, he asked me why I can’t just agree with him rather than bickering. I’m obviously not his type, but physically he was really into me. I’m working on a post about emotional abuse. He showed signs. Punk arse! And people wonder why I’m single. Low tolerance!

          • I need to be single becuase I have had it with my bf being weak. That is not going to fly! I can’t wear the pants and the skirt at the same time. You damned if you do or don’t with men. I am looking forward to your emotional abuse post!

            • Have you talked to your dude about this?

              I think a lot of men right now just don’t value themselves as men. They have been taught so long to be submissive to their woman. Also, a lot of women complain about this but go after men who will suck up to them.

              • I dont want a man to suck up to me by any means. I like him a little rough around teh edges but also respectful and does what needs to be done. I HATE soft men and my bf is becoming softer by the day. I cant deal and we have had toooo many talks about this.

              • Reema, I think some women think it’s cute in the beginning – being able to say “girlllll, he’s going crazy for me. He’ll do anything I say, etc.” But that gets old when you realize you have a complacent man who is creating more work for you because you’re expected to meet his needs and take care of household issues, decisions, etc while he’s chilling. Next thing you know, you have a grown ass child to nurture. That is highly unsatisfying. I know I have a dominant personality, which is why I need someone I can’t walk all over. But it takes a man who is secure in who he is and can balance out my qualities and make me better – versus him being a bitch.

                  • Become cold? Ugh!!! Hard to believe you don’t based on our conversations. I can’t see you laying down like a doormat, but you know you don’t need to constantly try to assert authority to get what you want because you laid the groundwork. Ideally communication and understanding should take precedence in any strong relationship.

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